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Your pets feel the same stress and anxious feelings we do, but what can you do to help when they’re feeling this way?

Reach for a jar of our delicious Calming Peanut Butter Treats! Each tempting dog treats are loaded with 7.3 mg of natural, non-toxic hemp for pets, along with a blend of gently soothing ingredients like chamomile and valerian root that offer the relief they need.


Our hemp dog treats are designed for both large and small pets, and to offer support for your animal’s overall health and wellness.


  • NATURAL ANXIETY RELIEF: Help your dog’s find relief from stress and anxiety with our Calming Hemp Treats. Each delicious treat contains 7.3 mg of natural, non-toxic hemp for pets, along with calming ingredients like chamomile and valerian root. It's a natural solution to help them feel more relaxed and at ease.


  • VERSATILE STRESS RELIEF: Our treats are designed to address various stressful situations, including separation anxiety, fireworks, storms, thunder, aggressive behavior, and excessive barking. They provide support during challenging times and promote a sense of calmness for your furry friend.


  • GENTLY SOOTHING BLEND: We carefully selected ingredients like chamomile and valerian root for their soothing properties. These ingredients work together with hemp oil to create a blend that aids in stress relief and overall wellness for your dog.


  • SUITABLE FOR ALL SIZES: Our hemp treats are designed to cater to both large and small pets, making them suitable for dogs of various breeds and sizes. You can provide the same calming benefits to all your dogs.


  • MADE IN THE USA: We take pride in manufacturing our Calming Hemp Treats in the USA, ensuring high-quality standards and purity. You can trust that our treats are made with care and dedication to your pet's well-being.


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  • ONE WELLNESS’s Hemp dog treats are edibles, meaning they can be fed directly to your pets as a means of ingesting hemp treat. We recommend giving your pet 1 to 4 treats a day depending on their weight (please check recomended serving chart)

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